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Tent Planning

Outdoor events are special, but you can enhance the beauty of an outdoor setting with special touches that will make your event even more memorable. Tents are amazing blank canvasses ready to be transformed by your event theme and what you do with it is limited only by your imagination. We can light the tent ceiling with various colors of lighting. We can cover the tables with an dazzling array of linens. You can choose from a variety of chairs. We deliver a dance floor. We provide heating and cooling options for any kind of weather. And, don't forget to add windows or walls to your tent.

Click here for a gallery of weddings topped by University Rental tents. 

Q: How will I know if I can fit a certain tent in the area I have?
A: First thing that you need to do is measure the area in which you want to put the tent. You must add 10 feet to the dimensions for staking. (This means that if you want a 20’ x 40’ tent then you need an area that is at least 30’ x 50’). This area must be flat, with no obstacles in the way like bushes, fences, rocks, trees, swing sets, pools, patios, decks or any other objects. University Rental installers need a height clearance of around 18 feet. If the dimensions that you come up do not meet our requirements then we will be unable to install your tent. If your area is close to these requirements or if you have a concern then please email us a couple of digital photos of the area along with the measurements to We will respond as soon as possible with whether or not the tent is going to fit. If the tent is being installed on a patio and cannot be staked then we recommend a frame tent.

Q: Do prices include set up and delivery?
A: Set up and delivery is not included. We are happy to provide this service for most rental items. Arrangements for set up and delivery must be made at least a week in advance to allow us to schedule employees. Please call (936) 560-0800 for pricing.

Q: Do I need to be present when University Rental delivers or sets up?
A: As long as we have a signed contract you do not have to be present. We will need you to leave us all phone numbers where you can be reached at during the day of your installation. Put a check in an envelope and tape it to the front or back door if you have not called our office with a credit card number. Also include in the envelope a diagram of your yard where the tent goes. Use sticks or lawn furniture to mark out where the tent goes. If you have a sprinkler system, septic tank or anything in the ground on your property we should be told about before staking then you will need to be present to point out where we should not stake so our stakes don’t hit anything.

Q: What’s the difference between a frame tent and a pole tent?
A: A pole tent is held up by tension and requires anywhere from 12-40 stakes. A frame tent requires minimal staking, maybe 6-20 stakes, and is held up by a piped frame. People usually order framed tents when they want their tent in an area where they can't or don’t want to stake. You can use water barrels instead of stakes ONLY on a frame tent. Water barrels cannot be used on pole tents.  

Q: How many tables and chairs can I fit under my tent?
A: The following calculations are based on seating 8 to each table. This does not include table estimates for food, gifts or displays.
20 x 20= 4 tables, 32 chairs
20 x 30= 6 tables, 48 chairs
20 x 40= 8 tables, 64 chairs
30 x 30= 9 tables, 72 chairs
30 x 45= 13 tables, 104 chairs
30 x 60= 18 tables, 144 chairs
40 x 40= 16 tables, 128 chairs
40 x 60= 24 tables, 192 chairs
40 x 80= 32 tables, 256 chairs
40 x 100= 40 tables, 320 chairs
40 x 120= 48 tables, 384 chairs

Q: I need to rent a dance floor, what size will I need?
A: Dance floor sections come in 3 x 3 foot sections. For first dance only we suggest a 12x12 You can build up to a 15x15 or 18x18 for parties up to 200 people.

It is always best to set your chairs up the day of your event. Pollen and dust can build up when chairs are set up a day or two before an event.

Make sure that you shut your sprinkler systems off while our equipment is set up on your property. Water and rain will absolutely damage our equipment. It is also very important that you make sure that all our equipment is set up under a tent or stored in a garage to keep water away.

Delivery & Pickup
To better accommodate our customers, University Rental offers professional delivery, set up and pick-up for any size order! Delivery fees are based on mileage.
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