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Beverage Calculator

1 case (12 bottles) serves 50 people (62 drinks).

Plan for approximately two drinks per hour, per person. There are 21 to 28 drinks per quart of liquor. The most common preferences today are Vodka, Scotch, Gin, and Bourbon.

One gallon of punch serves approximately 24 persons. (32 3oz drinks w/ice).

Cocktail Napkins
Plan for approximately two to three napkins per person for a 3-hour party.

1-pound of coffee serves 60-80 6oz cups. Don’t forget creamer and sugar!



Cocktail Party

Dinner Party



6 cocktails/wine

6 glasses wine w/lunch

4 liqueurs/ Sherry*

8 cocktails/highballs or 8 glasses wine (first 2 hours)

6 drinks an hour thereafter

8 cocktails/ wine

8 glasses wine w/dinner

4 liqueurs/Sherry*

4 drinks an hour after dinner

16 drinks (highballs, cocktails, or wine)


10 cocktails/ wine

10 glasses wine w/lunch

6 liqueurs/ Sherry*

12 cocktails/highballs or 12 glasses wine (first 2 hours)

9 drinks an hour thereafter

12 cocktails/wine

12 glasses wine w/dinner

6 liqueurs/Sherry*

6 drinks an hour after dinner

24 drinks (highballs, cocktails, or wine)


15 cocktails/ wine

15 glasses wine w/lunch

10 liqueurs/ Sherry*

20 cocktails/highballs or 20 glasses wine (first 2 hours)

15 drinks an hour thereafter

20 cocktails/ wine

20 glasses wine w/dinner

10 liqueurs/ Sherry*

10 drinks an hour after dinner

40 drinks (highballs, cocktails, or wine)

* Optional

Delivery & Pickup
To better accommodate our customers, University Rental offers professional delivery, set up and pick-up for any size order! Delivery fees are based on mileage.
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